Working in Finance

Our finance staff play an important role in the success and financial health of our company. They support the business with up-to-date financial analyses and reports. They advise management and directors, including on future investments and cost savings, and keep track of all cash flows. They also take care of the annual accounts, tax returns and other tax matters.

Your role in Finance

What does your day look like working in Finance?

In Finance, not every colleague is doing the same. We all have our own expertise area and responsibilities, divided over four key areas: Accounting & Reporting, Business Control, Treasury and Tax. Most of the colleagues are specialized in one of these disciplines, but what they do have in common is their goal: collecting real-time financial data.

If you are working in Accounting & Reporting, you are working on actual financial analyses and reports. With these analyses and reports, you can give the management of Van Leeuwen insight in the financial position of the company. Only with your support, management can make important decisions about, for example, investments.

If you are working in Business Control, you are mostly busy with the planning and control cycle within the organization. Together with your team you make analyses for investments, balances, budgets, annual reports and long term plans. Besides that, you are thinking about strategy and goals of the organization and advise the management on these topics.

If you are a Treasurer you regulate the cashflows that enter the organization. You keep track of the bookkeeping, make sure that the organization keeps on making a profit and that the money is invested in the right places. You are an advisor to the management on these topics.

As Tax Advisor, you are responsible for all tax related issues. You keep informed about the newest tax regulations, so you can advise the management board on these topics.

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