Working in Purchasing

Our purchasing staff make every effort to establish a good relationship and cooperation with suppliers. They have extensive knowledge of our products, product applications and markets. Thus, they always succeed in purchasing the desired tube products for our customers on time.

Your role within Purchasing

What does your day look like working in Purchasing?

You are constantly calling and emailing suppliers in order to reach good and sharp agreements together. Whatever specific requirements our customers may have, you will make every effort to ensure, together with our suppliers, that the right products, with the right specifications, are available on time. Selling 'no' is not your cup of tea.

You are also responsible, together with your purchasing colleagues, for keeping stocks in good order. And for the purchasing for projects and customer-specific stocks. Almost every day you consult with colleagues from sales, logistics and supply chain to offer customers the best. If necessary, you will collaborate with the purchasing colleagues of our foreign branches.

You will ensure that you keep up to date with the latest developments in the market, the extensive product range and all processing options. You regularly attend training courses to refresh your knowledge. At Van Leeuwen you will never stop learning.

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