Your traineeship at van Leeuwen

Are you looking for a challenging way to kickstart your career? Do you want to explore different functions and roles within a global family business? And are you ready to learn and quickly develop your skills? Then we invite you to join our trainee program!

Feel Welcomed. Be Inspired. Be Curious. Have Fun.

Your traineeship!

During your traineeship at Van Leeuwen we want you to develop and learn as much as possible, both on a personal and a professional level. We do this by letting you get to know our organization, our colleagues and the different locations as much as possible. Together with the other trainees, we will organize various workshops, you will receive coaching on the job and you will regularly attend meetings at other locations. Everything to enable you to develop yourself further.

Your first two days

  • Feel welcomed. We will welcome you into the Van Leeuwen family. Remember, Van Leeuwen is a family owned business and you will feel this culture from day 1.
  • Be relaxed. We will assign you a buddy from the business who will help you navigate the first few months and help you with the tricks and tips to be successful.
  • Be inspired. Meet our executive leaders and learn more about the business and their career journeys.
  • Explore. Go on a warehouse tour and experience the inner working of our business.
  • Be comfortable. Meet your regional HR Manager who will be your biggest supporter throughout the whole journey.
  • Have fun. The basis of our work should be that you always enjoy your time at Van Leeuwen.
  • Ask questions. We will dive deeper into the 18 month program and highlight all the ways we will help you and grow and develop.
  • Learn more about us. Our subject matter experts from the various Van Leeuwen functions will be on site to introduce their area of work and help you clarify what the next 18 months will look like in the business.
  • After the weekend, you will start within your home country office.

Your 18 month journey

  • You start your 3-month assignment in your home country where you will learn about the Van Leeuwen global organization, your local business operations, and the industries we operate in.
  • In the next 3 to 6 months you will be moving further into the business in a chosen area where you deepen your knowledge of the business and start building out an extended network.
  • Around month 9 (halfway in the program) you will get the opportunity to go on a 3-month international assignment to a different business where you would expand your network and begin seeing the organization as a global operation.
  • The final 6 months you return to your local office where you become embedded in the business and share your international experience.
  • Finally, we will celebrate you completing the program in the Netherlands, and welcome you into your new role in the Van Leeuwen Group.

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