Working in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

We consider logistics services and stock management to be two important core competencies. Keeping a wide and deep range of steel pipes, tubes, fittings and flanges in stock is not a goal in itself. We do this to guarantee availability for our customers.

Your role within Logistics &
Supply Chain Management

What does your day look like working in logistics?

Not all of our colleagues within Logistics do the same thing.

Do you work in one of our warehouses?

You will spend your day taking care of our precious pipes and tubes, ensuring they are in the right place at the right time. This means a number of different activities throughout the day. All of our stock locations are equipped with partially or fully automated systems and hoisting and lifting machines. If you join us, we will train you internally in six to eight weeks so that you can operate the systems and machines independently and safely.

Do you work in the office?
Then you are mainly busy with logistical planning and organization. You are in daily contact with transport partners and colleagues from sales, supply chain and IT. Together you will steer all operational processes in the right direction. You arrange the import and export of our products, including the correct customs documents. Or you organize product inspections and product certificates, so that we can demonstrate that customers are getting the best quality products from Van Leeuwen.

Are you a logistics team leader?
If so, you can be found on the warehouse floor every day directing and supporting your team in finding the best logistical solutions and service for our customers. You are communicative, open and approachable and know how to bring out the best in employees. You are solution oriented and keen on continuously improving the logistics processes, together with your team.

Whatever you do as a logistics employee at Van Leeuwen, you make sure that you keep up with the latest developments in your field. You will regularly take training courses to refresh your knowledge, whether that is operating a new logistics system or a leadership course. At Van Leeuwen you always continue learning.

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